School Advisory Council (SAC)

We have regularly scheduled meetings that take place the second Thursday every month at 5:30 pm in the media center… see Mr. Rubin for more information

The School Improvement and Education Accountability system, which includes the School Advisory Councils (SAC), sets up priorities and student performance standards that serve as guiding principles for everything the councils do.

Simply put, each School Advisory Council’s job is to look at aspects of their school as suggested by the priorities and to come up with a written plan for school improvement. The council must look at what is known about their school and decide which areas need improvement. An analysis of student achievement and school performance data should occur. Then the SAC must decide which needs are most pressing and most important.

Okeeheelee Community Middle School has an active SAC committee made up of the principal, teachers, support personnel, parents, and community business partners from our surrounding area. Together we address the fundamental needs of our students and problem solve how to best achieve excellence for all. We welcome participation by all interested stakeholders!