Acts of Kindness Week 2019

Acts of Kindness Week 2019
Posted on 02/12/2019

This week (2/11-2/15), we begin our “Acts of Kindness” week with themed acts of kindness. The school will be focusing on our 3 shared values and we will need your assistance. Students have the chance to earn "warrior bucks" when seen sharing kindness.

The bulletin board located across from the 6th-grade office has various acts of kindness for you to select from. Please encourage others to be kind.

The following are the themed days for Acts of Kindness:

2-11 Monday: Include everyone (don't leave anyone out in a group setting, don't let anyone sit by themselves during lunch, etc)

2-12 Tuesday: Shared value # 1 Respect Everyone

2-13 Wednesday: Shared Value # Be Responsible (ie: see something, say something)

2-14: Thursday: Words of Affirmation (ie: compliment each other)

2-15 Friday: Shared Value #3 You are part of a community (ie: pick up trash, your actions affect those around you)